Types of Placements

These are the different type of placements.

1. Brand mentions

Contributor content is exploding. This type of content usually consists of topics that are interesting and engaging (and sometimes technical in nature). The content itself will address a specific subject relevant to your business or industry. It will not be a promotional piece about your brand.

The objective in obtaining a brand mention is to provide some type of exclusive insight, data, case study or contribution that will benefit the readership. This can be in the form of a one-time contribution, an interview, or some other unique information offered by an executive at your company. The result is you or your company being mentioned and linked from a highly relevant post on the well-known media sites.

The goal is to add something truly unique, something so awesome it helps the publisher more than it helps you, by giving something to their audience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Rule #1 in connecting with media: Your contribution must benefit the contributor's or journalist's audience more than it benefits your brand.

2. News coverage, spotlight features and interview pieces

This is typically reserved for game changers, innovative technology, gadgets, etc. Getting news coverage is about understanding the story editors want to tell and the story their audience wants to hear, not the one you prefer be told.

We help your company find an angle of newsworthiness and context. Sometimes we suggest reverse engineering stories -- we'll offer a few ideas that would be considered newsworthy and then you'll need to convert those ideas into "reality". This isn't easy and can be very time consuming but it's very doable.

We'll help you by analyzing your industry and the current news climate within your industry, and by brainstorming headlines that are most likely to strike a cord with the targeted publishers. We'll even work directly with publishers to understand and align with their current areas of interest.

Rule #2 in connecting with media: The story needs to be told in a way that benefits the publisher and audience first, not your brand.