Brand Mentions

Hack your company's PR, SEO and growth

What are brand mentions?

Very simply -- when your brand or company or website or executives are mentioned on an external website.

Importance of brand mentions

Brand mentions are important for several reasons. Chances are, if people are talking about your brand, you have something unique and "mention" worthy. The more you're mentioned, the greater likelihood of people finding you and the more opportunities you have to generate backlinks to your website which will increase your company's organic SEO rankings and direct sales opportunities.

Brand mention strategies

You need to do a few things.

1. Get your customers talking and providing feedback about your brand, company, services, etc.

2. Connect with relevant content writers where you can add interesting, thought provoking feedback on topics they write about.

3. Go back and seek out anyone that has ever mentioned your company. Make sure any previous mentions are back-linked.

4. Reach out to anyone that is discussing your competition and connect with them personally. Find out if you can offer a unique perspective where they can mention your company as well.

5. Be mention worthy. We can't say everyone is or can be mention worthy but we suggest you get your team together and brainstorm on what does or can make your company really stand out. Build your strategy and outreach around those ideas.

Brand mention marketing needs to be pro-active. Sitting around and waiting for people to mention you isn't a winning strategy. You need to consider your customers, your employees and your competition, how they interact on social media, whose talking about them or how they're talking about you. Monitor your brand, your customers, your employees and your competition via one of the tools mentioned below.

Look for opportunities to get your brand or an expert or executive within your organization mentioned. Having a CEO, CMO, CFO or CTO provide a piece of information that is truly unique and amazing to a contributor or publisher that is actively writing about your industry can land numerous brand mentions.

Brand mention companies

There are less than a handful of companies that are dedicated to brand mention marketing and Placemints happens to be one of them. However, Placemints is only dedicated to a moving forward strategy and doesn't offer a service to retroactively build brand mentions or get prior mentions hyperlinked.

Tracking brand mentions

There are many tools available to track brand mentions. Here are a few:

Google alerts
Moz Fresh Web Explorer