About Placemints

Success Based PR & Content Marketing Agency

What we do

Think "reverse HARO".

Placemints connects brands and journalists at top publications with fresh engaging content, key insights and news story ideas that focuses strictly on their audience. The result: your brand or executives are mentioned on or featured in a top online publication with a massive audience and the audience receives a truly unique and thought provoking read.

Fresh approach to dated PR strategies

Press releases accomplish little, in our humble opinion. Other than showcasing them on your company news page, they are mostly obsolete. They don't tell a story people care about or want to read and your target audience will probably never find it in the first place.

Our goal is to build brand awareness in a space that most traditional PR agencies aren't targeting, and in a way they may not even be aware of. We’re mixing the content marketing and storytelling strategy with PR. It's a truly different angle of attack.

Placemints puts interesting content in front of an interested audience rather than focusing on public relations or promotional material. The result: a larger, more engaged audience and a more interesting piece of content.

The problem we're solving

There's an explosion of "content marketing" efforts on the internet. As content production continues to grow, so will the battle for the attention. Therefore, audience building will only become more difficult as time goes on. The result: brands need to tap into earned media.

The days of "write it and they will come" are long over. If you don't have an established audience, internal content distribution (company blogs or other owned existing channels) will lead to zero ROI. We solve this problem by helping brands earn a mention, endorsement or land full featured coverage on the major online publications that maintain large audiences.

The pain point for publishers is repetitive content or news regurgitation. It's no simple task to constantly develop unique content ideas that will stand out and grow readership; that include unique case studies, statistics, industry insider information and key insights. We solve this problem by offering contributors and journalists a steady stream of fresh, time relevent and extremely unique content, stats, sources, and key insights that benefit their audience.

The magic

Placemints is staffed with and backed by top journalists and serial content marketing genuises that have very deep connections and relationships with the well-known online publications.

While it's great that we know people, it's ultimately the genius ideas our team brings to the table and the unique contributions that extraordinary brands are able to make that inevitably make the magic happen.

The focus

As a company, we're laser-focused on developing content ideas and stories that readers will find interesting and thought provoking. In the process, we find a way to earn worthy brands a mention or full feature, only when they have something so amazing to add, that it benefits the readers more than it does the brand.

Way more effective than traditional content marketing and PR agencies

Our solution is astronomically more effective than the so-called "content marketing platforms" because we focus on external distribution rather than the same old company internal blog posts.