Content meets placement

Placemints is a place for exceptional brands and executives to earn brand mentions, spotlight features and hard news coverage. It's a place that helps content get placement externally rather than on internal company blogs.

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How it works

Outlet Selection

You select the desired outlets or we can do it for you. Then you'll decide on the type of placements to pursue (i.e - contributor content, featured pieces, interviews, news stories -- learn more about the different types of placements).

Headline and Content Strategy

Placemints' staff journalists and marketing geniuses get to work with you on brainstorming and developing topic and story ideas that have the highest probability of converting into brand mentions or featured coverage on the selected outlet. Think reverse HARO.


We'll work with you and the publishers to bring it home. We'll even assist with research, stats, data, sources, contributions, insights, interviews, etc.

What problem are we solving?

There's an explosion of "content marketing" efforts on the internet. As content production continues to grow, so will the battle for the attention. Therefore, audience building will only become more difficult as time goes on. The result: brands need to tap into earned media.

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Real benefits

Authentic Traffic

Being mentioned in media is the most powerful form of authentic marketing. Targeted, relevant users will be driven directly to your website.

Actual ROI

Typical content marketing agencies help to publish content on company blogs that no one ever finds. Placemints makes sure the content is published externally, is found by your target audience and connected to an actual return on investment.

Social Media

Big publications share (and so do their readers). Big shares lead to a big audience and increase in brand awareness.

Thought Leadership

Every founder, executive, and brand wants to be viewed as the leading authority in their industry. By securing brand mentions and getting your executives quoted in news and feature stories in the most popular media outlets and niche industry publications, we'll help you build credibility and establish thought leadership in your market.

SEO Goldmine

There is no better way to build organic search engine placement than securing editorial backlinks in top publications. Editorial media mentions are the most effective strategy for SEO -- period.

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Underlying magic


Placemints' technology streamlines and automates the process of pitching content ideas and news stories. We connect fresh content, key insights and news story ideas with leading brands and publishers all in one place.

Relationships and connections

Placemints maintains deep relationships with top contributors, journalists and editors at major publications.

Powerful ideas

Placemints' staff of content marketing geniuses custom tailor brainstorming sessions to each individual brand. It's the ideas we bring to the table that inevitably make the magic happen.

Centralized stream for contributors

Placemints provides a centralized stream of unique, engaging, timely and thought provoking content, key insights and story ideas to contributors, journalists and editors.